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Update on Mishaps

Nansi Kunze’s novel for young adults, Mishaps (Random House, 2008) was assessed and then agented by Lynk. Since its publication, sales have gone so well that the book has now been reprinted. The reviews have been good, too. Here’s a sample:

“This fast-paced, exciting read is any girl’s answer to a boring weekend!”
Girlfriend magazine

“Kunze’s engaging characters ensure that the journey is smooth and enjoyable. If Mishaps were a movie, it would be described as a ‘quirky Australian comedy’, but definitely one of a superior quality.”
Ronni Phillips, The Canberra Times

“A great book full of excitement and action.”
Jasmine Woodward, Bayside Bulletin

Random House have already accepted another manuscript from Nansi for publication. This is often how publishers work, as they want to build up the author as a ‘brand’. Random House have assigned an in-house editor to work on the manuscript with Nansi, which, again, is quite commonly the case.

With so much weeping and gnashing of teeth about an emerging writer’s slim chances of getting published, Nansi’s story is both inspirational and a reality check: after all, publishers do have to fill their list with something.

We at Lynk are convinced that good writing will find a home.

An inspirational publishing story

The Schumann Frequency
By Christopher L. Ride

Christopher Ride’s path to publication has been a truly fascinating one. He wrote a manuscript and called it The Schumann Frequency – a science-fiction story that combines the possibility of time travel with an action-packed mission to save the world, given additional spice by a touch of romance and humour.

Lynk assessed Chris’s manuscript, and its potential was clear. Following careful and skilled development of the story, the manuscript was ready to be presented to prospective publishers. Chris shopped it around, only to be rejected by all the major Australian publishers.

His belief in the novel unshaken, Chris decided to self-publish it. In order to market the book, he established his own imprint, called Javelin Books. He then took out a television campaign with Book Choice (after they approached him), which enabled him to sell copies into all the major book retailers. He received great support from Big W, Dymocks, Target, Myer and all the independent booksellers, who were happy to get behind a book that was being so actively promoting by its author (via the TV ad campaign). In all, 13,000 copies were delivered to retail outlets, and only 1000 were returned unsold. The Schumann Frequency (TSF) reached #18 on the Nielsen BookScan bestseller list, which is truly outstanding for a self-published book.

‘One thing is for sure,’ says Chris, ‘if your book is not on the shelf in bookshops, you can’t sell it.’

So far, so excellent! But there’s more.

Chris was then contacted by literary agent Selwa Anthony after Selwa’s husband read the self-published book; at their first meeting, Selwa took Chris on as a client. Then a Commissioning Editor for Fiction from Random House saw the BookScan results, and purchased and read a copy of TSF. She subsequently approached Selwa, and before long Random House had signed Chris up as one of their authors, for the Australian and Asian markets. Random House then released a new edition of TSF about a year later, re-packaged under their own imprint. Random have also contracted Chris for a second book, a sequel to TSF called The First Boxer, which is set during the Second Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion in China, c. 1900. The First Boxer will be released by Random House in September or October this year – they were very eager for Chris to get it written and to have it out in the shops asap. Clearly a case of striking while the iron is hot! 

TSF has also been published in Germany. Chris’s publisher there, Lubbe, has signed up for The First Boxer, too. In addition, US publication rights to both books are currently being negotiated.

An audio version of TSF has also been released internationally via Bolinda, and is available on iTunes and as a CD. Chris says Bolinda did a great job with the audio. The First Boxer will also be released in audio format.

The overall sales figure for TSF is in excess of 20,000, which constitutes a good-news story for Australian publishing.

Chris is full of praise for his editors at Random House. ‘Writing can be a very lonely and isolated business when you are trying get published,’ he says, ‘but once it happens, the support you receive is fantastic.’ 
He also has a kind word to say about us. ‘If it weren’t for Lynk,’ he adds, ‘I never would have improved enough to warrant being published. My advice to any writer is: never give up.’ 

Very true and inspirational words. A massive congratulations to you, Chris!


Extracts from selected reviews of The Schumann Frequency

‘A terrific read. What a page-turner! It’s damned exciting, and will take you on an adventure that covers the world and crosses generations to boot. I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat.’
Daily Telegraph

‘My “Best Book” gong goes to The Schumann Frequency by Christopher Ride. It’s not literary by any means, but a rollicking sci-fi romp that will keep you turning pages.’
Sophie Lee, Herald Sun

‘A complex thriller, combining historical facts with fictitious characters.’
Melbourne Weekly

‘Does a more-than-reasonable job of building and maintaining the suspense. I think he’s brewing up a trilogy.’
The Age

‘Sci-fi crossed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s an exhilarating, riveting and a rollicking good adventure. A series of heart-stopping action-packed episodes, finally culminating in a dramatic finale. One of the best darn endings I’ve read for a long while.’
Sunshine Coast Daily


Lynk medical author offered first book contract!

Dr Ranjana Srivastava, a cancer specialist based in Melbourne, has been offered her first contract by a major international publisher!

Ranjana is a widely published author of journal articles about humanity in medicine. Her work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications, including Time Magazine, The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association. She is a regular writer for the Indian edition of The Week, a popular current affairs and lifestyle magazine.

She has also won a number of awards for her writing, including Outstanding Story, Victorian Cancer Council Arts Awards 2008, which was judged by prominent author Arnold Zable. Ranjana’s winning story heads up the Council’s fundraising campaign in 2009.

Ranjana’s book is due for publication in mid-2010. It will be a collection of stories dealing with a range of patients and issues that have, over the years, touched her as both a doctor and a human being. A number of her stories were assessed by Lynk, with a view to honing her authorial voice for a general (ie. non-medical) readership. Ranjana writes in the first person, and her work is literary non-fiction. Her writings have been used in medical humanity courses and have found an appreciative audience across many countries.

In addition to her very successful track record as a writer, Ranjana is also a prominent speaker on the issue of humanity in medicine. What’s more, she is an international medical volunteer, and a mentor to overseas doctors trying to establish a foothold in Australia.

We heartily congratulate Ranjana on her success, and we applaud her humanity. May this book be the first of many!


Ranjana’s comment

“As all writers know, the path to publication is an arduous one. Hard work is one important element, but equally so are good guidance and a little luck! I first came across Lynk and Sean Doyle two years ago. We did some work together, but being a new mother distracted me from pursuing a book at the time. However, I dropped Sean a line now and again.

“I found Sean to be understanding and non-judgmental (about my off/on work!), yet able to offer constructive criticism. What I appreciated most as a busy doctor and a mother (of two!) is that Sean did not seem to be in a hurry to ‘push’ me in his intended direction, but was happy to nurture my interests at my pace.

“When I felt ready to approach publishers with my body of work, I was taken aback by Sean’s offer to ‘trial’ my book proposal with his contacts. These people provided me with some valuable feedback.

“Perhaps the word I would use to describe my entire experience with Sean would be ‘kind’. What a welcome and unexpected feeling!

“I would recommend using Sean’s expertise without hesitation.

Thank you, Sean!”


Lynk action author cracks the US!

Lynk is very happy to announce that one of its authors, Luke Romyn, has had his gripping action novel, The Dark Path, published as an e-book by Wild Child Publishing in the US. Wild Child publishes predominantly e-books, but is also a print publisher – once the sales of Luke’s novel top the 200 mark, Wild Child will look at print-publishing it. To read more about Luke and his novel, please visit <>.

To download The Dark Path as an e-book, please visit <>

Hearty congratulations to you, Luke!


Lynk celebrates award-winning poet!

Leonie Bingham, a Lynk author based in Northern NSW, has enjoyed ongoing success with her poetry over the last few years. Her work – in free verse, traditional verse and haiku forms – has been widely published in journals and anthologies. Following are just some of the awards she has won:

  • 1st place, Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) Isolated Writers Competition 2008 – for free verse
  • 2nd place, FAW Isolated Writers Competition 2008 – for free verse
  • 1st place, FAW Isolated Writers Competition 2008 – for traditional verse
  • Finalist, Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Awards, 2007, and published in the Jack Stamm anthology – for haiku
  • Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Canada 2009 – for haiku
  • Highly commended, FreeXpreSsion, 2009 – for haiku.

Leonie has recently turned her hand to children’s fiction. We hope she can, in this new genre, match her distinguished track record. Congratulations and all the best, Leonie!


Lynk author publishes first-hand account of Bougainville struggle

Behind the lies in Bougainville’s hidden war

Running with Rebels is the epic story of the first Indigenous people in the world to successfully close a mine that was destroying their environment – and keep it closed. This is a tale of corporate greed, violence and atrocities committed behind the iron curtain of a military blockade, told by a woman lawyer who risked her life to reveal the truth.

Running with Rebels provides a rare insight into a resource-based war recently fought on Australia’s doorstep, behind a wall of secrecy and censorship. It exposes the brutal nature of that war, complete with sworn testimonies from eyewitnesses.

It also relates the personal journey of a woman who braved spies and gunfire to bring life-saving medicines to the people of Bougainville, for whom preserving the land and environment for future generations is of paramount importance. In the process, she discovered her own Aboriginal roots.

This fascinating story rides the wave of a global struggle to save the land and environment from the predatory practices of mining and logging corporations. The success of Indigenous Bougainvilleans in closing the polluting mine is unique among the resource wars presently scarring the planet, from the Congo and the Niger Delta in Africa, to South America, Bougainville and Baghdad.  

About the author

A passionate woman who scaled the intellectual heights of advanced calculus and conducting original research into membrane biophysics, Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie knows the agony and the ecstasy of giving birth to new life.

Mother and grandmother, former human-rights lawyer and Human Shield in Iraq, now writer and documentary maker, Waratah is committed to bringing out the truth of the many struggles she has seen. Having discovered her Irish and Aboriginal roots – hidden from her for decades – she hopes to one day find her mob. She searches still …

Heroine to some, harridan to others, Waratah has trodden on some large corporate toes over the years. She looks towards the day when preserving the land for future generations will take precedence over short-term profits. As she puts it: ‘Truth is the first light that heralds the dawn of a new day.’

Title: Running with Rebels: Behind the lies in Bougainville’s hidden war
Author: Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie
Publisher: Ginibi Productions
290 pages, paperback
Price: $29.95 (plus postage and packaging costs of $8.10)

To order a copy, please contact:
Ginibi Productions
c/- PO Box 60
Port Kembla. NSW. 2505.
Tel. (02) 4274 0999


Update on Lynk’s former director, Jan Scherpenhuizen

Having spent many years advising authors how to polish their work, Jan has decided to practise what he’s been preaching.

Jan’s most recent project is a post-apocalyptic graphic novel, which he is writing and illustrating for Blackhouse Comics. The novel will be released through 2008–09 in five instalments in comic-book form, before being collected in graphic-novel format. An extensive selection of Jan’s artwork can be viewed on his Facebook page, including a sneak peak at the new graphic novel. A number of sequels are planned.